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Music. It's everywhere we go. It's in your favorite movie, your favorite tv show, every commercial. It's playing in restaurants, in stores, we play it in our cars, almost everywhere! Music is there for one reason, to create a MOOD...a feeling of EXCITEMENT.. a feeling of HAPPINESS! 

We all have particular certain songs in our heads, those tunes that take us back to a time and place we have fond memories of. 

Music CONNECTS PEOPLE. It brings friends, and even perfect strangers together and they have fun!

GREAT music, coupled with my 21 years of experience as an master of ceremonies at your next event, will ensure it's everything you hoped for!  

Contact me today and let's chat about your event! -

Musically Yours, DJ Marty Medlin

Images courtesy of these superbly talented professional shutterbugs:

Todd Clontz @ Pixelframes Photography  ~ Joesph Sides @ Connections Photography ~ John Huneycutt @ Huneycutty Photography and Apothecary Photobooths

 J. darren Photography

(and a few from yours truly)